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Funding Opportunities - Developmental Awards Guidelines

Guidelines for Developmental Research Funding

The deadline for the current submission is June 29, 2012.
Awards will be announced July 15, 2012.
Funded projects should expect to begin August 1, 2012.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must have a faculty appointment at one of the participating Tufts Nutrition Collaborative (TNC) institutions: Brown/Miriam Hospital, Tufts University School of Medicine/Tufts Medical Center, or Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.
  2. Post-Docs who have a commitment toward a faculty appointment may apply under the direction of a faculty mentor.

Research Criteria

TNC provides support for the following two types of projects:

  • Funding for junior faculty to initiate research programs on nutrition and metabolic abnormalities among drug users. Data obtained from this research should allow for a more competitive application to be submitted for extramural support. Once funded, a senior mentor will be assigned to monitor the progress of the project and to help the junior investigator write a comprehensive grant for submission to the NIH.
  • Funding for established drug use researchers to incorporate new nutrition or metabolism-related studies into their existing research programs. This award is designed specifically to encourage cross-disciplinary work between substance use researchers and researchers with expertise in HIV-related nutrition and metabolism abnormalities. These awards will help foster collaboration and cooperation between the participating Center sites and potentially lead to new research endeavors, publications, laboratory techniques, or research methodology. Data obtained from this research are expected to lead to the preparation of proposals for extramural funding.


  1. 1-2 awards of $15,000 to $30,000 will be funded.
  2. Funds may only be used for the salary and fringe benefits of faculty or study personnel and for research-related tests and supplies.
  3. Travel, equipment, and Facilities and Administrative costs are not permitted.
  4. Awards will be made once per year and will be limited to one year’s duration. Awards may be renewed for a second year only under special circumstances and with approval by the Executive Committee.
  5. Awards are not transferable to institutions that are not part of the TNC network.

Review Process

  1. Under the direction of the Developmental Core Director, each application will be evaluated by a Peer Review Committee comprised of researchers from each of the TNC participating institutions (Brown University, Johns Hopkins University, and Tufts University) and outside reviewers with similar areas of expertise. Reviewers will provide an evaluation of the application along with a numerical score using the standard NIH peer-review scoring system. The TNC Executive Committee will consider these evaluations in making final funding decisions.
  2. Evaluation of applications for developmental funds will be based on the merit of the application. Priority for awards will be given to projects which have a high likelihood of developing into NIH R01-type applications and/or will increase multidisciplinary collaboration among the TNC institutions. Priority will also be given to applicants who use TNC Core Services.

Reporting Requirements

  1. Investigators are required to notify the Executive Committee in writing of significant changes in the focus of the research or allocation of funds during the project.
  2. An interim Progress Report is required after 6 months.
  3. Within 30 days of completing the project, the investigator should submit a final progress report stating preliminary scientific findings, a report of any possible research applications that may stem from the project, any publications that result from the research, and an accounting of unexpended funds. Recipients will also be required to report applications or publications that result from this project on an annual basis for two years after the completion of the project.





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