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Last, First Country: Institution Expertise/Interests
Andrade, Adriana USA: Johns Hopkins University Adherence and pharmacology of antiretrovirals
Beckwith, Curt G. USA: Brown University Investigation of new and innovative HIV testing programs
Brown, Todd T. USA: Johns Hopkins University Metabolic and skeletal abnormalities in HIV-infected patients
Carpenter, Charles USA: Brown University Optimal treatment of HIV infection in North American women
Cofrancesco, Joseph Jr. USA: Johns Hopkins University HIV care and antiretroviral management; HIV lipodystrophy and metabolic complications
Cu-Uvin, Susan USA: Brown University HIV in women; effect of antiretroviral therapy on HIV shedding in the female genital tract
Flanigan, Timothy USA: Brown University HIV care and routine testing in women and incarcerated individuals
Flynn, Mary USA: Brown University Nutrition; how diet can be used to improve health and body weight
Forrester, Janet USA: Tufts University HIV-nutrition interactions in drug abusers and non-drug abusers with HIV
Goldin, Barry USA: Tufts University Cancer and diet; probiotics and prebiotics
Golub, Elizabeth USA: Johns Hopkins University Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS; hepatitis C and HIV among injection drug users
Gorbach, Sherwood USA: Tufts University Nutrition in HIV/AIDS; probiotics
Greenblatt, David USA: Tufts University Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and drug interactions
Hogan, Joseph W. USA: Brown University Neurocognitive effects of HIV; effects of HIV/HCV co-infection
Jones, Clara USA: Tufts University Effects of overweight/obesity on HIV progression in women; EKG changes in HIV-infected persons
Jordan, Michael USA: Tufts University HIV-1 subtypes; HIV drug resistance in resource-limited settings
Kirk, Gregory D. USA: Johns Hopkins University Non-AIDS outcomes of HIV including cancer, liver, and lung diseases
Knox, Tamsin A. USA: Tufts University HIV and nutrition; gastrointestinal function in HIV infection; liver disease and HIV
Kwara, Awewura USA: Brown University Drug-to-drug interactions between antiretroviral and antituberculous agents
La, Hanh USA: Tufts University Epidemiology of HIV and STDs in Vietnam; barriers to antiretroviral adherence in drug users
Lai, Shenghan USA: Johns Hopkins University HIV prevention and intervention; cardiovascular consequences of HIV infection and cocaine abuse
Lally, Michelle USA: Brown University HIV prevention, testing, and vaccine development; access to HIV and STD education
Mangili, Alexandra USA: Tufts University Cardiovascular risk of HIV infection and its treatment; infection and nutrition
Mayer, Kenneth USA: Brown University Biological and prevention aspects of HIV acquisition and transmission; HIV in India
McCaul, Mary E. (Betsy) USA: Johns Hopkins University Human behavioral pharmacology
Mehta, Shruti USA: Johns Hopkins University Effects of antiretroviral therapy on HCV-associated liver disease; barriers to care among HCV-infected injection drug users
Mitty, Jennifer Adelson USA: Brown University Medication adherence and secondary prevention in HIV-infected persons
Mwamburi, D. Mkaya USA: Tufts University HIV care and treatment in Kenya and South Africa
Olsen, Yngvild USA: Johns Hopkins University Treatment and clinical epidemiology of substance abuse
Quach, Lien USA: Tufts University Public policy aspects of the HIV epidemic; nutritional status; HIV progression and illicit drug use
Rich, Josiah USA: Brown University HIV/AIDS; hepatitis B and C; STDs; HIV in the Dominican Republic and Russia
Semba, Richard USA: Johns Hopkins University Nutritional blindness (vitamin A deficiency disorders) in developing countries
Spiegelman, Donna USA: Tufts University Design and analysis of epidemiologic studies
Stein, Michael USA: Brown University HIV prevention; drug use and HIV disease; drug abuse treatment outcomes
Tang, Alice USA: Tufts University Nutrition and metabolic effects of HIV and illicit drug use; HIV-related weight loss and wasting
Taylor, Lynn USA: Brown University HIV and viral hepatitis co-infection, HCV treatment to persons with HIV and co-existing psychiatric and substance disorders
Terrin, Norma USA: Tufts University Evaluation and development of statistical methods which detect and adjust for publication bias in meta-analysis
Wand, Gary USA: Johns Hopkins University Neuroendocrine effects of substance abuse
Wands, Jack USA: Brown University Molecular biology of liver diseases
Wanke, Christine USA: Tufts University Nutritional and metabolic issues in HIV; diarrheal disease and intestinal function in HIV infection
Wilson, Ira USA: Tufts University Health status assessment in patients with HIV infection
Woods, Margo N. USA: Tufts University Role of nutrition and micronutrients in the progression of HIV
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